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Author name: Tatiana Vicol

Toro Blanco Hotel

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of Playas Del Coco or Coco Beach, Costa Rica lies a hidden gem that effortlessly combines relaxation, mythology, and the beauty of the ocean waves. The Toro Blanco Hotel, named after the legendary white bull of mythology, has been captivating guests with its unique blend of services, stunning location, and commitment to providing a truly memorable experience. Let’s dive into the captivating story behind this enchanting beachside oasis.

Monk & Capra Coffee Brewers

Monk & Capra Coffee Brewers is the brainchild of Susan Munoz and Humberto Adelaide, two enterprising individuals who embarked on a life-changing journey from Venezuela to Costa Rica in pursuit of new opportunities. What was initially meant to be a two-year venture turned into a much larger adventure for this dynamic duo.

Ciro Briceno - DJ in Costa Rica

Ciro Briceno DJ

Meet Ciro, a talented open-format DJ hailing from Caracas, Venezuela, who has been immersed in the world of music for the past 20 years. His passion for music led him to Costa Rica 16 years ago, where he has become a prominent figure in the local DJ scene. As an open-format DJ, Ciro has spun tunes in numerous places around Tamarindo, captivating audiences with his eclectic mixes.

Baccomer Playas Del Coco


Discover a cozy and accessible restaurant that feels like home. With a great menu crafted by two passionate sisters, Baccomer offers affordable prices, great flavors, and a diverse selection of dishes including rices, mariscos, pizzas, ceviches, and more. Join them during their peak hours from 3 pm to 8 pm or after 9 pm, and immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere that attracts tourists, locals, and expats alike.

Dolores Bags Tamarido

Dolores Bags

From a Hobby to a Business, The Dolores Bags Success Story In the bustling world of fashion, success stories often emerge from a unique blend of talent, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit. Dolores Bags, a flourishing wholesale bag business based in Costa Rica, is a shining example of how a simple hobby can transform into a …

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Del Coco Beach cleanups

Beach Cleanup at Playas Del Coco

There are numerous activities to enjoy on a Sunday morning at Coco Beach: visiting the farmer’s market, having a delightful brunch with friends, or simply relishing the town at your own pace. However, among the many options available, one stands out—a volunteering activity. I often find myself reflecting on Kennedy’s famous quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” In this case, I adopt a similar mindset, asking not what Coco Beach can provide me, but what I can contribute to Coco Beach.

Cafe Negro Liberia

Cafe Negro

Where Art, Coffee, and Passion Unite In October 2021, Café Negro emerged as a vibrant addition to the culinary scene in Liberia, courtesy of its owner, Henry Montoya. With nine years of experience in the hospitality industry, and working as a barista, Montoya’s passion for coffee became the driving force behind the inception of this …

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Villa del Sueno Hotel and Restaurant, Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Villa del Sueno

Nestled away at Playa Hermosa in Guanacaste, Hotel and Restaurant Villa del Sueño has been attracting visitors for the past 29 years. Since its inception in 1990, this charming hotel and restaurant has been a popular spot known for its excellent hospitality and service. With its warm and inviting ambiance, it is no wonder that guests keep coming back for more.


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