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Branded Editorial FAQs

Thanks for taking the time to read our Branded Editorial FAQs. This page is meant as an explainer of what it means that the article you have just read is referred to as branded editorial.

What does branded editorial mean?

Branded editorial is content that has been created in collaboration with one of our advertising partners. It’s not the same as editorial (all the other articles on the site) which are written without any involvement from advertisers or third-parties that would seek to influence the content.

Is branded editorial paid for by an advertiser?

Yes, a branded editorial article is something our sales team sells to advertisers. It’s one of the many ways you can advertise with DelCocoBlog. To be specific, the advertiser has paid us to write the article. We would not have written it unless the advertiser paid us to do so.

Does the advertiser write the branded editorial article?

No, the article is written by one of our writers. However, the advertiser gives us direction what to write about including anything they would like us to mention in the article, links or information to include.

Does the advertiser review the branded editorial article before it’s published?

Yes, after the article is written we send the advertiser a copy and they have a chance to suggest factual or other revisions as they see fit. Our writer will then take their feedback and revise the article to ensure they are satisfied with it before it’s published.

Will you write anything an advertiser wants?

No, even though branded editorial is paid for, we do not accept all branded editorial requests. We want to make sure the article is a fit for the site and something our readers will be interested in. We also don’t include any advertiser “claims” in the article unless we can verify they are accurate.

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