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Lucas Zañartu Audio Visual Agency

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Lucas Zañartu Audio Visual Agency

Crafting Stories through Visual Excellence

Lucas Zañartu Audio Visual Agency opened in Costa Rica in September 2021. With over 15 years of experience in the audiovisual industry, Lucas Zañartu is a visionary storyteller, offering a diverse range of services, from directing and cinematography to editing and scriptwriting, photography, and beyond. The result is an impeccable audiovisual and photographic product tailored to meet each client’s unique needs.

A Journey Rooted in Passion and Commitment

Lucas’s journey in the audiovisual field began after completing his university studies in social communication and cinema. His career took an extraordinary turn as he dedicated himself to producing nature documentaries and socially relevant institutional videos. His work on the “Chao Pescao, Let’s Save Punta de Choros” campaign in Chile marked a significant milestone in environmental defense, successfully safeguarding marine reserves from coal-fired thermoelectric plants.

Subsequently, Lucas was invited to lead the audiovisual department of the international foundation Oceana, focusing on marine conservation and nature filming. His expertise extends to underwater and surface expeditions, making him a seasoned director and producer in these challenging environments.

After these remarkable experiences, Lucas established a small audiovisual production company. The company’s portfolio spans various formats, from documentaries and television productions to multimedia content for social networks, advertising, and institutional videos. In 2021, Lucas and his family relocated to the Playas Del Coco area of Costa Rica, a place that resonates with his passion for the sea and diving.

A Vision Beyond Business

Lucas Zañartu’s commitment to the environment and community is evident in the formation of the Alianza Mar Y Tierra association, a non-profit NGO that focuses on environmental projects, including underwater and beach cleanups, educational content, and coral reef restoration. His mission goes beyond business; it’s about making a positive impact on society and the planet.

Services Offered

Comprehensive Audiovisual Production: Lucas Zañartu helps clients achieve their desired final products, whether it’s a documentary, institutional video, social media content, advertising, or other forms of visual storytelling.

For Third-Party Productions: Lucas lends his expertise to various aspects, including direction, photography direction (including underwater and drone photography), editing, scriptwriting, and color correction.

Communication Strategy: Lucas formulates effective communication strategies to achieve objectives through various methodologies.

Inspiration and Values

Lucas Zañartu is deeply inspired by the potential to leave a positive impact on a social and environmental level. He values public and private initiatives that prioritize these matters and invest in improving society and the planet. Lucas is also enthusiastic about supporting businesses and SMEs, knowing firsthand the challenges of entrepreneurship. He thrives in workspaces that foster creative content.

Lucas’s expertise as an underwater cameraman adds a unique dimension to his agency’s offerings, allowing clients to explore the mesmerizing underwater world. Furthermore, he recognizes the power of advancing technologies in transforming communication and interaction, making it more accessible, dynamic, and cost-effective.

Lucas Zañartu Audio Visual Agency is more than a business; it’s a commitment to visual excellence, environmental responsibility, and a passion for creative storytelling. Explore the world through his lens and let your story come to life with an experienced professional who is not just a filmmaker but a storyteller with a purpose. Visit his website at to witness his exceptional work.


Lucas Zañartu Audio Visual Agency

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