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Marisol Marfán Integral Therapist

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Marisol Marfán Integral Therapist

Nurturing Wellness and Transformation

For over a decade, Marisol Marfán has been on a mission to guide people toward well-being and self-discovery through her holistic therapies. With a profound dedication to energy work, she offers a unique array of techniques that cleanse and invigorate the spirit. Marisol’s journey of self-knowledge and healing led her to create a nurturing space for individuals seeking to harmonize their lives.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

Marisol Marfán, originally from Costa Rica, embarked on a personal journey of growth and exploration from a young age. Her search for well-being and self-realization took her to Chile and other parts of Latin America, where she discovered her passion for holistic healing. This journey of personal growth eventually led her to deviate from her theater studies and dive into the world of holistic therapies.

Upon her return to Santiago, Chile in 2007, Marisol was introduced to Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), a transformative experience that rekindled her connection to her purpose and personal growth. Subsequently, she delved deeper into the field, learning Spiritual Restructuring Therapy and becoming a master of both techniques. These therapies set the stage for Marisol’s commitment to guiding others on their healing journeys.

In parallel to her exploration of energy work, Marisol engaged in an extensive journey of self-improvement at the EsalenSur School of Personal Development and Integrative Gestalt Therapy. This immersive experience included personal work, community involvement, and the development of therapeutic skills in various techniques, further preparing her to assist others on their paths to healing.

Over the years, Marisol expanded her therapeutic repertoire by studying Bach Flowers, Glacier Gems, Access Bars, and Integrative Gestalt Therapy. She also ventured into teaching Access Bars courses, offering a valuable avenue for her clients’ personal growth.

In 2021, Marisol discovered SAAMA Therapy by Veturián Arana, a method she passionately practices and studies to this day. Her dedication to continuous learning and professional development has positioned her as a respected holistic therapist with a broad range of tools at her disposal.

A Holistic Therapist’s Journey in Costa Rica

Marisol Marfán began serving individuals in 2010, providing her therapeutic expertise through in-person consultations. When the pandemic struck, she transitioned to online services, continuing to offer healing and guidance to her clients. In 2021, Marisol returned to her homeland, Costa Rica, bringing her holistic approach to the warm embrace of Playas del Coco in Guanacaste. While she offers in-person sessions at the Amatista Holistic Center, her online services remain a significant part of her practice.

Who Marisol Serves and What She Offers

Marisol Marfán serves a diverse clientele, offering her expertise to people of all backgrounds and situations. Her holistic therapies are recommended for those seeking healing, personal growth, or a deeper understanding of their lives. These therapies can address physical health, emotional and mental stability, spiritual growth, relationships, stress, grief, work-related challenges, financial issues, limiting beliefs, ancestral influences, and childhood experiences, among others. Marisol’s therapeutic approach aims to facilitate change and well-being in all aspects of life.

In her sessions, Marisol provides a safe and welcoming environment for individuals of all ages, including children, with the presence of one parent in the session if needed.

Her therapy sessions typically last an hour and a half, conducted in Spanish.

What Inspires Marisol

Marisol Marfán finds inspiration in the opportunity to help individuals experience improved well-being and lead fuller lives. She views each therapeutic encounter as a reciprocal learning experience, where both the client and therapist grow and heal together. Marisol believes in the interconnectedness of all individuals and sees her work as a way to promote collective healing and growth.

An Interesting Note: Remote Energy Therapies

Marisol Marfán’s holistic approach extends to the realm of quantum physics. She believes that, from a quantum perspective, time and space are not limiting factors. Consequently, her energy therapies can be performed remotely, with the same effectiveness as in-person sessions. While methods like SAAMA Therapy, Spiritual Response Therapy, and Spiritual Restructuring Therapy can be conducted online, Access Bars, Gestalt Therapy, and Bach Flower Therapy require physical presence due to their interaction with the physical body.

Marisol Marfán’s holistic therapies offer a holistic journey toward well-being, self-discovery, and personal transformation. Her commitment to ongoing learning and healing makes her a compassionate and skilled guide for those seeking a path to wellness and personal growth. If you’re interested in experiencing her transformative approach, don’t hesitate to contact her for more information.


Marisol Marfán Integral Therapist

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