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Marlin Rayado

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Marlin Rayado

Your Gateway to Ocean Adventures in Papagayo Gulf

Owner: Livie Redfield

Established: 2008

Location: Papagayo Gulf

Welcome to Marlin Rayado, a family-run business that epitomizes the love and respect for the ocean. Founded in 2008 by Livie Redfield, Marlin Rayado has grown into a beloved provider of customized ocean excursions in the stunning Papagayo Gulf.

What They Offer: At Marlin Rayado, Their passion for the sea translates into a range of bespoke ocean experiences. Whether you’re an angling enthusiast or a snorkeling newbie, they have something for you.

Their services include:
  • Fishing Expeditions: Tailored to both beginners and experienced anglers, their fishing trips are a blend of adventure and relaxation.
  • Snorkeling Adventures: Discover the underwater wonders of Papagayo Gulf with their guided snorkeling tours.
  • Water Toys: Add a splash of fun to your ocean excursion with their array of water toys.
  • Beach BBQ: Enjoy a delightful beach BBQ, a perfect way to end an exciting day at sea.

Their Philosophy: As a family of ocean lovers, Marlin Rayado believes in creating memorable and sustainable ocean experiences. They are committed to the conservation of marine life and the environment, ensuring that our activities are eco-friendly and respectful of nature.

The Boat: The Marlin Rayado boat is a symbol of their dedication to quality and comfort. Fully stocked with all necessary gear and amenities, they ensure that each trip is personalized to meet the unique preferences of their guests. Whether you’re seeking tranquility or adventure, they can accommodate every liking.

Join Marlin Rayado for an unforgettable journey on the beautiful waters of Papagayo Gulf. Experience the ocean like never before, with the warmth and expertise of Livie Redfield and her team.

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For bookings and more information, visit their website or contact them directly by mentioning DelCocoBlog. Dive into the adventure with Marlin Rayado – where every trip is a unique story waiting to be told.


Marlin Rayado

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