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Soda Mediterranea

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Soda Mediterranea

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Soda Mediterranea: A Journey from Humble Beginnings to Culinary Excellence

In 2011, Alessandro started a small kitchen with only a couple of tables to serve home-cooked style dishes in Pueblito Sur. The concept was simple, purchasing seafood from the fishermen, whatever was the catch of the day, that would be the restaurant offerings that evening. Friends would come at night to dine, and there was not a lot of options to eat in the area.

As the popularity of the restaurant grew, Alessandro partnered with a seafood chef to open Soda Mediterranea. The restaurant now offers fresh seafood grilled and fresh carpaccio as its main points of focus on the menu. What began as a hobby, now functions great, offering great quality food and good wine.

pasta dish

The philosophy of the restaurant has evolved over time, but the tradition to be able to choose a fish has stayed. Today, the main feature of the menu is carpaccios, pasta, and fresh fish. The atmosphere at Soda Mediterranea is cozy, giving you the feeling of visiting a friend and having a great dinner.

girl enjoying carpaccio at a restaurant

The heart and soul of Soda Mediterranea are Alessandro and Maria who have always been passionate about food and cooking.

While the menu has expanded to include new options to accommodate dietary needs, the philosophy is still farm-to-table dishes. All produce, meats, fish, seafood, and ingredients are sourced from local farms and fishermen in Costa Rica.

Alessandro is always looking for inspiration for new dishes, and the restaurant continues to grow in popularity. From humble beginnings, Soda Mediterranea has become a symbol of culinary excellence in Pueblito Sur. So, if you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to visit this restaurant and experience the delicious food and warm hospitality for yourself.


Soda Mediterranea

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